Get ready to wage war with these remote-control tank models. These tanks are realistic and fun to operate as they both feature life indicator lights in the front and realistic shooting sounds. What’s more, when a tank loses it vibrates and makes a destruction sound to show the war has finally come to an end.

Interactive Function

Stage your very own battle fields with our battle tank vehicles, one tank is green, and the other is beige for easy identification.

For each battle you only need to move the tank forward, backwards, turn left and right, Press the top button on remote control to fire! Aim and fire at the other tank 3 times to win!

Cars Meant for Battle

While being controlled by a simple transmitter that lets you rotate the gun and fire cannon, our fighting battle tanks use different frequencies, 27MHz and 49Mhz ensuring one tank does not interfere with the other. Each tank measures 5″” long with extended barrel which makes it easier and faster to control and simply manoeuvre and fire away!


  • 2 x Tanks
  • 2 x Remotes
  • 6 x AG13 Batteries